Coconut Shea Skin Cream | Lilac | 2 oz | Natural Organic | Nipple Balm | Diaper Rash | Dry Skin


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    Magic in a jar!

    This skin cream is gently mixed with essential oils that reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and eliminate bacteria. Perfect for healing rashes, abrasions, minor burns, dry skin, and chapped lips and nostrils. Hand blended with shea butter, coconut oil, caster oil and olive oil to lock in hydration and beeswax to block out unwanted moisture. All the ingredients are found in nature and organic making it great for sensitive skin.

    Chapped and cracked hands from the winter cold or hand washing? Put some of this cream on your hands with gloves overnight. After 2-3 nights you'll see a marked difference in how your hands look and feel.

    Baby has a diaper rash? Clean the area and use this cream. The redness and swelling will go down within a few hours.

    Have a cold and your nose is chapped from wiping it so much? You got it! Put some of this on there and feel the relief!

    2 oz container